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B.A.P fic rec!

((i need this so much because i tend to forget everything i read))
These are all (okay, fine. most.) of the B.A.P fics that I've read and loved.
Most of them are smutty, btw.

all of these are sorted by ship and by age of members.
*the ones that I loved the most

*Himchan Had a Little Lamb. Had. (in my opinion, it's PG) - it's incomplete and hasn't updated since January 4 (grrrrrr) but it's brilliant and the first BangHim (and K-pop) fic I've read. Shows how jealousy can cloud someone's mind.
This Time I Will Be Listening (maybe PG?) - fluffy one shot. tbh, i just love anything related to 7 minutes in heaven.
*The Puppeteer (PG, but some parts are M) - ONE OF THE BEST BANGHIM FICS I'VE READ. the way Yongguk is just so understanding throughout the entire fic makes my heart cry.
*Heartbreaker (NC-17) - plain old smut. it's the ending that gets me so much.
Kim Himchan Loves Giving Head (NC-17) - I think the title says it all.
*Hot Mess/You've Fallen For Me (NC-17) - I don't even know why, but I love this. I love fics where they realize that it's more than sex.
Balloon Boy (PG, 2nd part is M) - cute, slightly fluffy.
In Which Himchan Gives Yongguk a Handjob (M) - smut.
*Just The Way You Are (R) - everyone knows leadernim is the goddess of BangHim.
*Work Out: The Corruption of Kim Himchan (NC-17) - this is the BangHim Bible. I've read it but I lost the link ugh.
**Starry Skies (PG) - slightly angsty. so so so many feels. 2 stars because when Jongup ____, I just couldn't hold back anymore.
Bang Him (NC-17) - smut.
Dorm Politics (NC-17) - fun smut.
A Shared Dream (PG~R) - fluffy fluff.
Sick (PG-13) - oh my god. beware of eating disorder.
*Freak (R-ish) - many many feels.
*The One (PG-13) - so many feels. habamut is a queen.
*The (other) One (PG-13) - I nearly cried here. i just read through the last few paragraphs and then i felt my heart hurt like oh my god there are so many feelings.
*We Could Use Some Hope (R for violence) - super duper good. ((actually, i just love it because it reminds me of Mass Effect ^_^))
**You're the Closest to Heaven that I'll Ever Be (PG-13) - weird concept BUT... i just love how you can slowly see Himchan falling for Yongguk like omg that's just so cute and he keeps denying it
**********Perfect Fit (PG-13) - BEST BANGHIM FIC I'VE EVER READ. it's just so perfect like omg DO YOU SEE THOSE 10 STARS BESIDE IT? IT'S THAT GOOD. ((best BangHim fic ever i highly doubt this will ever change because i love it too much))
***Prayer for the Impossible (PG-15) - cried. i really did. this is so perfect; you have to read it.
Come A Little Undone, Get A Little Bit Reckless (NC-17) - so hilarious. drunk!Himchan is the best.
***Give Me A Chance (PG, some parts are M) - ohmygod the plot twists, the characterization, the everything. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful fic.
Peaches (NC-17) - this is so so so perfect. her!Chan is hilarious. sequel - Lace.
**The Mountain (PG, M in some parts) - holy crap this was one the first stories i've read and i just fangirl too much i love this fic.
**Serpentine You and Me (PG-13) - ohmyheart. that is all i can say.
***12 (PG-13) - this is also himlo but mostly banghim.
SOMEBODY HOLD ME. seriously, this author just... she's the same author of Perfect Fit btw, and everyone knows how much i loved that fic ((look at the 10 stars if you didn't know))

Drunk (M) - I just needed some shameless smut okay? leave me alone.

*Fan (NC-17) - oh my god. super duper good. part 3.

Human Something (PG-13) - cute. robot!Zelo is the best ^_^

***Ephemeral (PG) - this is the only memberxreader fic i ever read and omg i just cried so hard.

*What A Day (NC-17) - shameless smut. i love it, though.

Video Call (NC-17) - i dare you to guess how they do whatever smutty activity they'll do. I DARE YOU.
Fifteen Minutes In Heaven (PG, M in one part) - I love this fanfic. cute, nerdy!Youngjae is perfect.
*Coma (PG-13) - holy freakin hell. this fanfic is just so... sad and lonely and desperate and oh my god, it's just beautiful. DaeJae is my least favorite ship, but this fanfic makes me love it. ((and besides, cop!Youngjae is still the hottest Youngjae ever))

Showers (M) - smut. there's a sequel but I didn't really like it.
**Count With Me (PG) - slightly angsty. 2 STARS BECAUSE I NEARLY CRIED.
***Am I Allowed To Love You? (mostly PG, gets a bit M towards the end) - BEST DAEJONG FIC EVER. that explains the 3 stars. but it is super long (4 days of my life were spent on reading this) but it's worth every minute of your life.

*Lost In Lust (NC-17) - sequel to Fan. part 2. so angsty, so painful, so damn beautiful. UPDATE PLEASE.

Temptation (NC-17) - shameless smut. i feel very guilty for anything related to junhong but i can't stop myself.
Feel (PG) - robot!Zelo kyaaaaaa~!

Crash (or lack thereof) (PG-13) - OMG fluffy fluff is so freakin fluffy i'm dying

Teenage Spaceship (PG) - this is so cute ((and robot!Zelo kyaaaaa~!))

still prone to editing and additions.
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