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my gangsta boy
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January 2015
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my gangsta boy [userpic]

friends only!

everything that's here is friend-locked.
if you want to read my fics or see my graphics,
please visit talkalittlemore.

if you want to talk to me,
comment to be added! :)
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my gangsta boy [userpic]

yes, i really did make a community all about me.

here's the thing: i won't delete anything here ((in lovelight_genie)) and i'll still use this journal and post some stuff here. but i will post everything i've written and made in talkalittlemore so it you want everything organized and fixed, go there.
i got my name from f(x) ((or maybe just the "sub-unit" of Amber, Luna and Krystal))'s "Beautiful Stranger".

please support my commnunity ((and probably no one will read this so it doesn't really matter anymore))

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my gangsta boy [userpic]

((i need this so much because i tend to forget everything i read))
These are all (okay, fine. most.) of the B.A.P fics that I've read and loved.
Most of them are smutty, btw.

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